About vaccinations for COVID-19 / 新型コロナウイルスワクチンの接種について


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12月1日時点の情報です。 / This information is current as ofDecember 1st. / 以下是截止到12月1日的信息。 / 12월1일 시점의 정보입니다.

About vaccinations for COVID-19 / 新型コロナウイルスワクチンの接種について

Vaccinations for COVID-19 will be given in the following order of priority, based on the availability of supply. In Sanda City, vaccinations will be carried out in the following order according to the schedule and priorities set by the national government. Details will be available to view at any time on the city homepage and in the city newsletter "Koho Sanda".


First vaccination, Second vaccination / 1, 2回目接種について

Regarding vaccination coupons for adolescents aged 12 to 15 / 15歳から12歳の人の接種券の発送について

Since eligibility for Takeda/Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine has been expanded to those 12 years old and over, we sent vaccination coupons for adolescents aged 12 to 15 on Friday, August 6.

Vaccination coupons for those who will reach 12 years old on or after August 2 will be sent in the beginning of the month following the month of their 12th birthday.
Group Vaccination is not available for those 12 to 15 years old. Please receive your vaccination through individual or workplace vaccination.


Vaccination Fee / 接種費用

No charge / 無料

Vaccination process / ワクチン接種の流れ

  1. A vaccination coupon will be sent to your home. (The vaccination period will be announced on the city website and in the city newsletter.)
  2. If you wish to be vaccinated, please choose from the following options: Group Vaccination, Individual Vaccination, Large-Scale Vaccination and Workplace Vaccination. (You need to be vaccinated twice with same type of vaccine in an interval of designated days to achieve sufficient effectiveness.)
  3. In the case of mass vaccinations, you can make an appointment for the vaccination date through the COVID-19 vaccination reservation system.
  4. If you wish to be vaccinated at a medical institution, please contact them directly.
  5. To get vaccination on the day of your reservation


  • Vaccination coupon
  • Prevaccination Screening Questionnaires (sent with the vaccination coupon)
  • Identification document (driver's license, health insurance card, residence card, etc.),
  • Prescription notebook (if you have one)

Bring them with you to the vaccination venue, otherwise you will not be vaccinated.

  1. 市から自宅にワクチン接種券(クーポン券)を送ります。(接種時期は、市ホームページや市広報誌でお知らせします。)
  2. ワクチン接種を希望する人は、次から選んで接種を受けてください。(ワクチンの効果を十分得るために、同じ種類のワクチンを一定の間隔を空けて2回受ける必要があります。)
  3. 集団接種の場合は、三田市新型コロナウイルスワクチン接種予約システムで接種日を予約します。
  4. 医療機関で接種したい場合は、直接医療機関に問い合わせてください。
  5. 予約日にワクチン接種を受けます。


  • 接種券(クーポン券)
  • 予診票 (接種券(クーポン券)と一緒に送っています。)
  • 本人確認書類(運転免許証、健康保険証等)
  • お薬手帳(持っている人のみ)


We have sent the vaccination coupons to those 12 years old and over.
If you have already been vaccinated, please discard the coupon, otherwise please keep the coupon in a safe place until your second vaccination.
If you move out of Sanda City, you cannot use this vaccination coupon. Please contact the municipality you are moving to.
Vaccinations are not mandatory: it will be given only if you wish. Vaccinations can be done when the target person's intention can be confirmed with the cooperation of family members or family doctors.
If you are concerned about the vaccination due to your medical treatment or physical condition, please consult with your family doctor.
Please do not make double bookings for your vaccination (making appointments at several venues such as group vaccination and medical institutions).


How to get vaccinated / ワクチン接種を受ける方法

If you wish to be vaccinated, please choose from the following options:
ワクチン接種を希望する人は、次から選んで接種を受けてください 。

  • Group Vaccination / 集団接種
    at municipally designated venues / 市が設置する会場で
  • Large-Scale Vaccination/ 大規模接種
    at venues set up by the Self-Defense Forces of the Ministry of Defense and Hyogo Prefecture/ 防衛省自衛隊や兵庫県が設置する会場で
  • Individual Vaccination / 個別接種
    at medical facilities / 医療機関で
  • Workplace Vaccination/ 職域接種
    at workplaces such as companies and universities. For details, please contact your employer or university./ 企業や大学などの職域単位で。詳しくは勤め先や大学に問い合わせてください。

Group vaccination reservations / 集団接種の予約について

  • Service is available for males in their teens and twenties who got vaccinated with Takeda/Moderna for their first vaccination, and hope to get vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine for their second vaccination. If you hope to receive the Pfizer vaccine, please call to the Dedicated Call Center for COVID-19 Vaccine to make a reservation.
  • Group Vaccination is not available for those 15 to 12 years old. Those who are aged 15 to 12, and didn’t get vaccinated or those who hope to get vaccinated only for the second vaccination should get vaccinated by Individual vaccination.
  • Some medical institutions are also now accepting vaccination reservations for those aged 16 and above.
  • 1回目に武田/モデルナ社のワクチンを接種した10代と20代の男性が、2回目にファイザー社のワクチン接種を希望する場合は、ファイザー社のワクチンを選ぶことができます。 ファイザー社のワクチン接種を希望する場合は、専用コールセンターに電話で予約してください。
  • 集団接種では、15歳から12歳の人の受付をしていません。ワクチンを接種していない15歳から12歳の人や2回目だけ接種を希望する人は、個別接種でワクチンを接種してください。
  • 一部の医療機関でも、16歳以上の人の接種の予約を受け付けています。

Vaccination Venue:Sanda Welfare and Health Center / 接種会場:三田市総合福祉保健センター会場

Place / 場所

The 2nd floor of the Sanda Welfare and Health Center (675 Kawayoke, Sanda) / 三田市総合福祉保健センター2階(三田市川除675)

Eligibility / 対象者

Those aged 16 and above who have not received any vaccines. (You can also receive vaccination only for the second dose.)

Reception Time for receiving vaccinations/ 接種受付時間

13:00-15:20 / 13時30分~15時20分

Dates available for receiving vaccinations・Reservation start date / 予約できる接種日・予約開始日

Dates available for receiving vaccinations / 予約できる接種日 Number of available reservations / 予約できる人数 Reservation start date / 予約開始日
December 18(Sat) / 12月18日(土曜日)
※The second vaccination:January 8 (Sat) / 2回目接種日:1月8日(土曜日)
around 50 people / 約 50人分 Acceptance closed. / 受付終了
December 25(Sat) / 12月25日(土曜日)
※The second vaccination:January 15 (Sat) / 2回目接種日:1月15日(土曜日)
around 50 people / 約 50人分

Decembe 7 (Tue)18:00~ / 12月7日(火曜日)18時 予約開始

The second vaccination only:December 8(Wed)9:00~ / 2回目だけ接種:12月8日(水曜日)9時

January 8(Sat) / 1月8日(土曜日)
※The second vaccination:January 29 (Sat) / 2回目接種日:1月29日(土曜日)
around 50 people / 約 50人分

Decembe 21 (Tue)18:00~ / 12月21日(火曜日)18時 予約開始

The second vaccination only:December 22(Wed)9:00~ / 2回目だけ接種:12月22日(水曜日)9時

January 15(Sat) / 1月15日(土曜日)
※The second vaccination:February 5 (Sat) / 2回目接種日:2月5日(土曜日)
around 50 people / 約 50人分

Decembe 21 (Tue)18:00~ / 12月21日(火曜日)18時 予約開始

The second vaccination only:December 22(Wed)9:00~ / 2回目だけ接種:12月22日(水曜日)9時

The place and time to get the 2nd vaccination is assigned automatically at the same vaccination place and at the same time three weeks after the 1st vaccination.
The number of available reservations will change according to the vaccine supply situation.
When reservation cancelation occurs, the date and time becomes of the canceled reservation once again becomes available to be reserved.


Reservation method / 予約方法

The reservation methods for both of "the first vaccination" and "only the second vaccination" differ.


予約回数 予約方法

Reservation for the first vaccination/ 1回目接種予約

The place and time to get the 2nd vaccination is assigned automatically at the same vaccination place and at the same time three weeks after the 1st vaccination.

Online reservation only / インターネット予約のみ
Reservation only for the second vaccination / 2回目だけの接種予約 Telephone reservation only / 電話予約のみ

Online reservation / インターネット予約

We accept reservations for the first vaccination. / 「1回目接種」をする人の予約を受け付けます。

COVID-19 vaccination reservation system / 三田市新型コロナウイルスワクチン接種予約システム
三田市 新型コロナウイルスのワクチン接種予約についてへのQRコード

Coupon number indicated on the vaccination coupon will be required at the time of reservation.
Reserve your 1st vaccination place and time.The place and time to get the 2nd vaccination is assigned automatically at the same vaccination place and at the same time three weeks after the 1st vaccination.


The internet reservation system will be closed temporarily for system maintenance during the following period. 
While the reservation system is closed for maintenance, the log in button will not be displayed and you will not be able to log in.


  • December 7 (Tue) 10:00 - 18:00 / 12月7日(火曜日)10時~18時
  • December 14 (Tue) 10:00 - 18:00 / 12月14日(火曜日)10時~18時
  • December 21 (Tue) 10:00 - 18:00 / 12月21日(火曜日)10時~18時
NB / 注意事項

Please prepare an e-mail address receivable by smart-phone or p.c. in advance.
The confirmation notice for reservations and others when using the COVID-19 vaccination reservation system is delivered by the domain “@v-yoyaku.jp”. Please register “@v-yoyaku.jp” when setting the domain reception.
Internet Explorer is not supported on the vaccination reservation website.
You can log in by using the vaccination coupon number or reservation number and mm/dd (4 digit) of your date of birth. After the input of your e-mail address, an identity confirmation e-mail will be sent back to you. (The password for the date of birth “Dec. 1st”: 1201)
Please follow the instructions in the contents of the e-mail.

Internet Explorerは使用できません。
接種券の接種券番号または予約番号と生年月日の月日(4桁)でログインします。(12月1日生まれの方のパスワード: 1201)

Telephone reservation / 電話予約

We also accept reservations for only the second vaccination. / 「2回目だけの接種」をする人の予約を受け付けます。

Sanda City Dedicated Call Center for COVID-19 Vaccine / 三田市新型コロナウイルスワクチン専用コールセンター
Telephone Number / 電話番号
  • 0120-274-008
Inquiries by Fax / ファクスでの問い合わせ
  • 0120-263-047
    Fax is only for those who have difficulty in making inquiries by phone, such as those with hearing disabilities. / ファクスは、聴覚に障害があるなど、電話でのお問合せが難しい人に限ります。
Reception Time / 受付時間
  • Monday~Saturday (Including holidays) 9:00-17:30
    月曜日から土曜日(祝日を含む) 9時から17時30分

Important points for vaccination day / 接種当日の注意点

Please come to the vaccination place 10 minutes before the reserved date and time.
Please refrain from receiving the vaccination in the case of a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher or other bad physical condition by taking your body temperature before leaving home. Please contact the call center.
If you feel unwell or get the inappropriate result as a doctor’s consultation on the day of your reservation, your vaccine may be postponed.
The vaccination coupon is prepared as a single sheet with the “vaccination coupons” and certificates for the two vaccinations. Do not remove the coupons and bring the sheet with everything on both of the 1st and 2nd days of vaccination.
Please wear clothing that is easy to expose your shoulder for receiving the vaccination in your upper arm.
After receiving your vaccination, take a 15 to 30-minute break at the vaccination site. (Follow-up health condition check)


Notice / 注意事項

In principle, group vaccination may be cancelled in the following cases. The decision to cancel will be made at 7:30am on the day, and a notice of cancellation will be posted on the city website.

  • When a severe weather warning (severe rain, flooding, storm, etc.) is issued due to typhoons, etc.
  • When a disaster such as an earthquake affects the city
  • When the inoculation site becomes unavailable
  • When it is judged otherwise that cancellation is necessary

Depending on the circumstances on the day, group vaccination may be performed even under the above situations.


  • 台風等で警報(大雨・洪水・暴風等)が発表された場合
  • 地震など市内で災害が発生した場合
  • 接種会場が使用できなくなった場合
  • その他中止が必要と判断される場合


Individual vaccination (the medical institutions in Sanda city) / 個別接種(市内医療機関)について

Those who wish to be vaccinated should make an appointment directly with the following medical institutions.


Notes for those who are aged 12 to 15 and wish to get vaccinated: / 12歳から15歳の人が接種を受けるときの注意事項

A legal guardian must provide a signature for the pre-vaccination screening questionnaire before getting vaccinated. You cannot get vaccinated without this signature.
Please come with your guardian. Junior high students or older can get vaccinated without an accompanying guardian in the following cases.

  • Guardian agreement for the vaccination is properly indicated by the guardian’s signature on the pre-vaccination screening questionnaire and submitted at the reception spot on the day of vaccination.
  • The guardian is able to be contacted via the emergency contact phone number filled in the pre-vaccination screening questionnaire.


  • 接種当日の受付時に、ワクチン接種について保護者の同意を予診票の保護者自署欄で確認できる
  • 保護者の緊急連絡先を予診票の電話番号(予診や接種の時に、必ず保護者の人と連絡できる電話番号)で確認できる

The medical institutions where the vaccinations are to be carried out for those aged 12 and above. / 12歳以上の接種を実施する医療機関

*You can also receive vaccination only for the second dose. (Except for those who have already received the first dose of Takeda/Moderna vaccine.)


The name of the medical institutions / 医療機関名 Address / 住所 Telephone Number ・Web reservation site / 電話番号・ 専用予約サイト Reservation method / 予約方法
Hirashima Hospital / 平島病院 1-2-15, Tenjin / 天神1丁目2-15 079-564-5381

Telephone reservation only / 電話予約のみ

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 13:00-15:00
月曜日, 火曜日, 水曜日, 金曜日 13時~15時

Hyogo-Chuo National Hospital / 兵庫中央病院 1314, Ohara / 大原1314 兵庫中央病院新型コロナワクチン接種予約サイト トップページ(外部サイトへリンク) Online reservation only / インターネット予約のみ

The medical institutions where the vaccinations are to be carried out for those aged 12 to 15. / 12歳から15歳の人のワクチン接種を実施する医療機関

The name of the medical institutions / 医療機関名 Address / 住所 Telephone Number ・Web reservation site / 電話番号・ 専用予約サイト Reservation method / 予約方法
Tateishi Pediatrics Clinic / たていし小児科 13-6, Ekimaecho / 駅前町13-6 079-558-7871 Telephone reservation only / 電話予約のみ
Ebara Children's Clinic / エバラこどもクリニック Flower Town Station Bldg 7F, 1-11 Yayoigaoka / 弥生が丘1丁目11 フラワータウン駅ビル7階 Web予約受付(エバラこどもクリニックのサイト)(外部サイトへリンク) Online reservation only / インターネット予約のみ
Tokuyama Clinic / とくやまクリニック 2-13-4, Yayoigaoka / 弥生が丘2丁目13-4 079-562-0002

Telephone reservation only / 電話予約のみ

Please check the homepage for confirmation. / ホームページを確認してください。

Okamoto Pediatrics Clinic / おかもと小児科 3-76-5, Keyakidai / けやき台3丁目76-5 079-565-1699 Telephone reservation only / 電話予約のみ
Fujimura Otolaryngology Clinic / 藤村耳鼻咽喉科医院 Elm Plaza 3F, 2-3-1 Suzukakedai / すずかけ台2丁目3-1 えるむプラザ3階 WEB受付システム(藤村耳鼻咽喉科医院のサイト)(外部サイトへリンク) Online reservation only / インターネット予約のみ
Sugita Family Clinic / すぎたファミリークリニック - Web予約受付(すぎたファミリークリニックのサイト)(外部サイトへリンク) Online reservation only / インターネット予約のみ

Only medical institutions approved for publication.
The vaccination date and time adheres to each institution’s consultation date and time.


Large-Scale Vaccination / 大規模接種

Hyogo Prefecture AstraZeneca vaccination center/ 兵庫県アストラゼネカワクチン接種センター

Place / 場所

Kobe venue: Medical institutions in Kobe city
神戸会場: 神戸市内の医療機関

Himeji venue: Ishibashi Clinic / Hirohata Century Hospital (Hirohata- ku, Himeji-shi)

Reservation method / 予約方法 Please call the Hyogo Prefectural AstraZeneca vaccination reservation center to make a reservation.
Inquiry / 問い合わせ Dedicated Call Center / 専用コールセンター:078-361-1768
9:00-17:30 / 9時00分~17時30分 (Weekdays only / 平日のみ)
Homepage / ホームページ アストラゼネカ社製ワクチンの接種について(兵庫県のサイト)(外部サイトへリンク)

When getting vaccination outside the city / 市外でワクチン接種を受ける場合

 If your place of residence is different from the place where your address is registered, and you wish to get vaccinated outside the city, please look for a medical institution or vaccination venues on the "COVID-19 vaccine information website(外部サイトへリンク)" (provided by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare).
If you are unable to find one, please contact the municipality where you live.
You cannot make a reservation directly from "COVID-19 vaccine information website."
In addition, if you wish to get vaccinated outside the city, please contact the municipality where the medical institution that provides the vaccination is located.


Side Effects / 副反応について

The main side effects include pain in the injected area, headache, joint and muscle pain, tiredness, chills, and fever. Rare and serious side effects include shock or anaphylaxis. If you notice any concerning symptoms after vaccination, consult the vaccinating doctor or family doctor.


Hyogo Prefecture has a consultation desk available for those who experience the above symptoms (side effects).
Hyogo Prefecture COVID-19 Vaccine Dedicated Consultation Desk: 0570-006-733
Reception Time:9:00~17:30

Call this number if you have any inquiries regarding matters like side effects after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Tel:050-3821-0306
  • Fax:050-8882-6568
  • Available languages:English, Chinese, Hangul, Spanish, Portuguese and Vietnamese
  • Reception Date and Time:Monday and Thursday / 9:00~17:30

兵庫県新型コロナワクチン専門相談窓口: 0570-006-733


  • 電話番号:050-3821-0306
  • ファクス番号:050-8882-6568
  • 対応言語:英語・中国語(簡体字)・韓国語・スペイン語・ポルトガル語・ベトナム語
  • 受付日時:月曜日、木曜日 / 9時00分~17時30分

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has a consultation desk for COVID-19 Vaccine.
The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare COVID-19 Vaccine Call Center:0120-761-770
Reception Time:9:00~17:30


To those who apply for a Vaccination Certificate (Vaccine Passport) / ワクチン接種証明書(ワクチンパスポート)を申請される方へ

The certificate will only be issued to those who plan to travel abroad for the time being.
It will take approximately one week to issue the certificate. (Immediate issuance is not possible.)
Documents can only be submitted by mail. (Documents will not be accepted at the counter.)
Please check the required documents and mail them to the Health Promotion Division.


Scams related to COVID-19 vaccinations / 新型コロナウイルスワクチン接種についての詐欺

 There are many scams related to COVID-19 vaccinations.
Sanda City will not ask for money or personal information by phone or e-mail for vaccinations. If you have a problem, don't hesitate to consult the consumer hotline. Please do not worry alone.
COVID-19 Vaccine Scam Consumer Hotline:0120-797-188
Consumer hotline without area code:188
You will be connected to the nearest consumer affairs center.


Sanda City Dedicated Call Center for COVID-19 Vaccine / 三田市新型コロナウイルスワクチン専用コールセンター

A dedicated call center has been established to respond to inquiries from citizens. *From December 1st (Wed), the call center will be changed to a toll-free number.


Telephone Number / 電話番号

  • 0120-274-008

Inquiries by Fax / ファクスでの問い合わせ

  • 0120-263-047
    Fax is only for those who have difficulty in making inquiries by phone, such as those with hearing disabilities. / ファクスは、聴覚に障害があるなど、電話でのお問合せが難しい人に限ります。

Reception Time / 受付時間

  • Monday~Saturday (Including holidays) 9:00-17:30
    月曜日から土曜日(祝日を含む) 9時から17時30分

Types of inquiries handled / 受付内容

  • Inquiries and reservation service for group vaccinations set up by the city

Information / 問合せ

For the latest information, please check the city website and the city newsletter.

In charge of securing the COVID-19 vaccinations system, Health Promotion Division
675 Kawayoke, Sanda-shi, 669-1514
Dedicated Call Center Telephone Number0120-274-008

健康増進課 新型コロナウイルスワクチン接種体制確保担当
専用コールセンター 電話番号0120-274-008


共生社会部 福祉共生室 人権共生推進課
〒669-1595 兵庫県三田市三輪2丁目1番1号